Shipping daily

On November 28th, I decided to take on a challenge. To blog daily for 100 days. I didn’t have a strong logical reasoning on why. No huge pay off. It felt really difficult to do. I certainly haven’t seen a daily technical blog. So, I told myself that it’s more feasible to write daily about non-technical things than technical ones. The truth is I don’t really know how long other people take to write their blog posts.

I’ve hit publish from the back of Lyfts, from airports, from hotel rooms, from the train, from my home office, from my couch, in between holiday gatherings, first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. It’s been close. It’s hard on my family when I didn’t plan. Saturdays are still hard.

Sometimes, I would feel like I didn’t have something to share. I had to dig deep. I had to find a thread, an creation to build, an idea to share.

It also forced me to do something I didn’t do before.

To seek to serve.

Being a consultant, I didn’t do this enough. I didn’t help without payment. It was usually through reciprocation. By blogging daily, I started to offer myself and sought after people to help them with their daily work. I was curious to learn about their journey and their struggles.

I also didn’t do this for the likes, the claps, the retweets, the fancy badges. In fact, many people did not know I was doing this daily and they were surprised when I told them. I can’t say I didn’t fall into it. At one point, I was checking my Google Analytics everyday. I’ve since uninstalled the app from my phone.

The best way that I can describe this experience is that I’m not learning and I am not helping then I’m not sharing.